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Single Girls� Handbook Review

Posted by Galleri Adeestilo on Rabu, 20 April 2016

Single Girls� Handbook Review
Single Girls� Handbook is an intriguing, if not slightly controversial, but definitely credible dating and romance program for women created by a tandem of legendary dating and romance experts. It sports a no-nonsense, in-your-face approach that makes the program entertaining and informative at the same time.

Single Girls� Handbook is starred by relationship experts Patti Stanger and David Wygant, with Patti taking the lead role and David Wygant serving as the interviewer.

Patricia �Patti� Stanger, if you don�t know her already, is the star and producer of the hit TV dating show �The Millionaire Matchmaker� � a show that matches Patti�s millionaire clientele (mostly men) with beautiful and intelligent potential partners. It�s a dating show that attributes its success to Patti�s no-holds-barred commentary and genuine approach to romance (i.e. no �gold diggers� or �players� allowed, only true chemistry). No wonder Patti is often dubbed as �The Simon Cowell of Dating.�

David Wygant, on the other hand, has been a dating consultant (helping both men and women) for over 20 years. He is a published author with, as of this writing, 2 dating books available in the market. His professional success has brought him exposure to popular media such as MTV, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and MSNBC.

Together, Patti and David form a powerful dating and romance advice tandem that banners multiple decades of combined experience in the industry.

The program doesn�t really follow a particular logical flow. Instead, different dating topics and situations are discussed one after the other. In the interest of time (as well as to protect us from possibly giving away too much), we would give you a glimpse of a few interesting topics that were shared within the program.

Single Girls� Handbook starts with Patti�s �5 Second Seduction� methodology. This topic is all about the non-verbal cues you can project to a guy you like that would enable him to realize your level of interest and making him want to approach you. In effect, you are not limiting yourself to the guys who have the nerve to approach you; you can actively choose and attract the guy you actually like.

Another topic that was discussed inside the program is �Women Empowerment.� That is, this section would make you realize that women hold more power in the whole dating dynamic than you know. This part of the interview posits that �men are the dragon slayers, but you are the gatherer.� In a real dating situation, you are signaling and the men are initiating. The effect is men, in their minds, would think that they picked you; but in reality, it is you who picked them.

Yet another interesting topic discussed is �Travelling Alone� which works under the premise that �those who travel in packs don�t attract.� Men just don�t want to infiltrate a group of women. In addition, if you travel with your girl friends, chances are high that you have someone in your group who is the jealous-type (who is only going to put any potential guy down), the diva-type (who is only going to upstage you), the needy-type (whom you feel responsible for, drawing your time and attention away from the potential guy), and the protector-type (who would interrogate the potential guy to no end); all of which would hinder your chances of establishing rapport with any guy.

The last interesting topic that we would share is Patti�s dating philosophy of �A Pair and A Spare.� That is, Patti believes that women should date like men � �date� 3 people at the same time. The 3 people you should date includes a) The guy you really want, b) The �cusper� (a guy that is close to what you want but has 1 or 2 superficial �flaws�), and c) The friend (a guy you are very comfortable with, to the point that you can even fart along his vicinity and it�s ok). Patti then goes on to explain why this is necessary and how this dynamic can help you attract and get the guy you really want.

Just to inform you, the topics mentioned above only cover the first 30 minutes of the whole program. The whole program is more than 3 hours long. Needless to say there are really a plethora of interesting topics discussed inside this program.
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